Upper Room Times Square

Times Square with Upper Room
Musical performances in a Times Square Military Island Aug 2 2008

Gear used:
Speakers: EAW (6) KF-750, (8) Danley TH-115
Sidefills: (2) EAW LA-325
Monitors: EAW (6) Radiant RMW-1152.
Amplifiers: Crown Itech (4) 8000, (2) 6000, (2) 4000 (5) Crest 7301
Drive Rack: EAW UX-8800 with Gunness Focusing.
FOH Console: Amek 501 40x8x2
Outboard: XTA, Klark, DBX, Lexicon, Yamaha, TC Electronic, Drawmer, Roland, Rane, Ashly.
Snake: Ramlatch 54 Channel
Mics: Shure Beta Series, Audio Technica Artist Elite, Audix OM Series
Wireless Mic: Shure UHF-R Beta 58
Generator: 100KW
Curtain: 24’x12’ Black Velour, with 2 Genie lifts
Stage: 20’x 24’ x 48” with Stair Case. 16’x 16’ Drum riser, 4’x 8’ Camera Platform
FOH Engineer: Bob Haff, Roger Remondino
Systems Engineer: John Higgins.
Crew: Andy Ascolese, Justin Torres, Ariel Hernandez, Gerald Soviola, Jose Avila.

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