Let’s Just Play was held in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Nickelodeon contacted CK Sound Productions for a complete stage and audio package. Staging was to be set up the day prior to the event. Our crew was not hindered by 100 degree temperatures at load in time, nor by 3 inches of rain while setting up the stage. A generator was required for powering the audio system plus all the props Nickelodeon brought with them. The sound system covered 800 listeners on a football field at the local YMCA, with a 360 system for sound effects.

Gear used:

Speakers: EAW LA-325 with LA-400
Stage fills: EAW SM-222
Amplifiers: Crown Macro 5000vz and 3600, Crest 7301
Console: Allen & Heath Mix Wizard
Outboard: Klark Teknik, DBX, Lexicon, Yamaha, 360 System, Drawmer, Rane, Presonus, and Ashly
Mics: Shure Wireless UHF Beta 58
Snake: Ramlatch 54 Channel
Generator: MQ POWER Wisperwatt 100kva
Staging: Bil -Jax 32x20x4 with sound wings

System Engineer: John Higgins, AJ Morgan
Stage Techs: Damany Daniels, Brad Fontaine, Tanner Herriott

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