Blue County

Blue County performed live at New York City’s, Shelly’s Restaurant. CK Sound provided a complete sound system for the live show. Though faced with difficult time constraints, CK Sound was able to setup and complete sound checks in under an hour.

Gear used:

EAW LA-325 with LA-400

Monitors: EAW SM-222

Amplifiers: Crown Macro 5000vz and 3600

Console: AMEK Langley 501

Outboard: DBX, Drawmer, Lexicon, Klark Teknik, TC Electronics, Rane, Ashly 

Snake: Ramlatch 54 channel 
Mics: Shure Beta 98, Beta 52, SM 81, SM 57, Audio Technica 4050, Audix OM 7
System Engineer: John Higgins

FOH Engineer: AJ Morgan

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