We are able to offer our clients a streamlined approach to show planning and production. We can provide solutions for any kind of sound reinforcement application, from complex, elaborate systems for high-end concert touring to demanding business audio applications.

Full Service Production

Full production service is available at any level. We can provide sound for small church events, to large festivals to national tours. In addition to audio services, we can also accommodate your production through live recording, live engineering, lighting and staging.

Touring Rigs Available

Equipment Rentals, Leasing & Sales

We provide pro PA Gear for complete sound systems to individual pieces. We also provide audio, video and lighting gear.

Daily, weekly and monthly rental rates are available upon consultation.

Speakers: EAW KF 750’s, KF 755’s, KF 940’s, SM 222, LA 325’s, LA 400’s, JBL SR 4732, Tannoy V12HP

Amps: Crown I-Tech, Crown Macro Tech, QSC, Crest

Consoles: Digidesign SC48, Amek Recall, AMEK 501, CADD, Mackie, Allen & Heath

Processing: Klark Teknik, XTA, Yamaha, Lexicon, T.C. Electronics, DBX, Drawmer, Symetrix

In Addition: Complete cable, mic, rigging and power distributions available

Live Recordings

Multi-track recording for any event

48 track 24 bit recording

Highest quality pre-amps and mics

Studio Recordings

Full service recording

48 track digital 24 bit studio

Amek, DBX pre-amps

Audio Engineering

CK Sound Productions has a full staff for any type of production or show including:

Sound Reinforcement Engineers

Monitor Engineers

Recording Engineers

System Engineers

Stage Hands

Lighting Directors

Technical Directors

Director of Photography

Camera Operators

Production Assistants

Producers for Live Television

Directors for Live Television

Custom Installations

We can provide complete Audio and Video systems or upgrades for any venue.

Satellite Services

Satellite Uplink Trucks

Production For Live Television Shows

Live Satellite Media Tours

Live DVD Production