Open Bible Fellowship




Open Bible Fellowship

In March 1998, Pastors Joel and Linda Budd of Tulsa, OK moved their church, Open Bible Fellowship, into a 92,000 sq. ft. building. Recognizing the need for an updated system that could accommodate concert-style productions, they turned to CK Sound Productions for design and installation. Completely satisfied with the results, Open Bible Fellowship began a 6 year partnership with CK Sound Production to oversee their audio equipment and engineering needs.

CK Sound Solution

At CK Sound Productions, we believe that audio engineering goes far beyond situating speakers and adjusting the volume. We believe it is an art, requiring specific equipment design for each venue to achieve the very best quality. Design is the key to creating a good sound system, making every production a work of art.

The project for Open Bible Fellowship was done under a tight budget, making it a complicated system design. To achieve the maximum audio capabilities in the 18,000 sq. ft. sanctuary while still staying within the budget, we used a mono setup. EAW speakers were used throughout the room. Three EAW KF-650 were hung in the middle of the room with 2 EAW SB1000z. Three delay speakers were placed at the rear of the room to achieve more even coverage. MK2164 and MK 2194 did the job along with two EAW UB 42 for front fill off the side of the stage. All QSC MX, PLX series amplifiers were used. And MX300i was used as the signal processor for the main speakers. Rane EQ’s and Digital delays were used to equalize the room and all the monitors. EAW SM155 monitors were used onstage, allowing for 5 monitor mixes with 2 Shure wireless in-ear mixes. An Allen & Heath GL4000 48 channel console served all the mixing duties. Denon tape decks and CD players were added for recording and playback. A 70-volt system was used to run audio throughout the facility.


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