Crew Band

Crew, a band located in Nashville, TN, hired out CK Sound Productions for a concert held in Tulsa, OK at the 24/7 Building. The system was to reproduce the band’s sound, projecting it loudly but maintaining clarity. Using only the highest quality of gear this was an easy task. CK Sound also provided a 24 track digital recording for there new live album.

Gear used:

Speakers: EAW LA-325 with LA-400
Amplifiers: Crown Macro 5000vz and 3600, Crest 7301
Console: AMEK Langley 501
Outboard: DBX, Lexicon, Rane, Presonus, and Ashly
Recording: Alesis HD24
Snake: Ramlatch 54 Channel
Mics: Shure KSM 32, Beta 98, Beta 52 SM 81, SM 57, Audio Technica 4033, 4050, Audix OM 7

FOH Engineer: AJ Morgan
REC Engineer / System Engineer: John Higgins

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