About CK Sound Productions

A brief background

CK Sound Productions started back in 1983 as an engineering company, existing to provide engineers with any type of sound reinforcement. After several years of success in building a strong client base, CK Sound launched out to purchase its own equipment, which is available for rental use or for CK Sound’s own engineering processes.

Fully staffed with audio engineers and partnering with lighting directors, event producers and other full-time contractors, CK Sound has expanded to provide sound and production to larger venues. The ability to handle large applications has been utilized throughout the United States, making CK Sound a significant force in the audio industry.


Clinton Kennet

 Clinton started as an assistant audio engineer at his home church at the age of 12. Clinton trained under mentors Frank Sherlock and Sam Andriano, learning the technical artistry of sound engineering. After a few years, he went on to become Head Engineer for the International Christian Center, Clinton’s home church of 2500 people in Staten Island, NY.

While performing his engineering services at International Christian Center, Clinton met one of his all time favorite male vocal artists, Alvin Slaughter, and was asked to join the his engineering team. Soon afterward, Clinton embarked on a 2 year concert tour with Alvin, an experience that solidified his desire to make audio engineering his career.

Following his desires to establish a professional Christian audio company, Clinton helped form CK Sound Productions along with his brother Clifford, a company with unlimited system capabilities. Since the formation of CK Sound Productions, Clinton has engineered many events and festivals across America for artists such as Don Moen, Darrell Evans, Brian Doerksen, Michael English, Take 6, Maya Amada, Jon Gibson, Kim Boyce, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, John P Kee, Hezekiah Walker, and Colleague Choir competitions held in FIT in New York City.

John Higgins

John grew up in the recording industry working at his father’s 24 track recording studio. After being in the studio a few years, John was ready to expand his horizons. He started doing live engineering at his church and ran sound for special events and concerts.

Continuing with his career in engineering, John began doing work for large communication company, providing in-depth installations and designing. He went on to become Head Audio Engineer at Open Bible Fellowship in Tulsa, OK until his relocation to New York with CK Sound Productions. John now serves as the Operations Manager for CK Sound Productions and has been involved in several installation processes, concerts and various live events.

Anthony J. Morgan

AJ is a Staff Audio Engineer with CK Sound Productions. He has had several years of experience providing live sound, recordings, and system installations, including in-depth engineering work with Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, OK.