Extreme Impact

Extreme Impact 2003 was held in Erie, PA. Requiring a concert sound system for 10,000 plus fans, the festival promoters turned to CK Sound Productions for a complete Festival Package (including crew). Facing only one extremely rainy day for setup, CK Sound Productions still maintained professionalism and got the festival started on time, handling 15 bands in 14 hours with no hitches.

Gear used:

Speakers: EAW (16) KF-850, (8) KF-940, (8) LA-400
Monitors: EAW (8) SM-222
Side Fills: EAW (2) LA-325
Amplifiers: Crown Macro (3) 5000vz, (1) 3600, Crest (3) 8002, (6) 8001, (2) 4801
Mon Amplifiers: Crown Macro (8) 36×12, (2) K2
FOH Console: AMEK 501 40x8x2
MON Console: CADD 40×22
Outboard: Klark Teknik, DBX, Lexicon, Yamaha, TC Electronics, Drawmer, Roland, Rane, Ashly
Snake: Ramlatch 54channel w/3 way split
Mics: Shure, Audio Technica, Audix
Generator: MQ Power Wisperwatt 100kva

FOH Engineer: Clinton Kennet, AJ Morgan
MON Engineer: John Higgins
Systems Engineer: AJ Morgan, John Higgins.
Lighting Director: Cliff Kennet
Stage Tech: Robert Vargas, Justin Torres

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